How to Add Apple Pay and Google Pay Checkout in MemberPress

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How to Add Apple Pay and Google Pay Checkout in MemberPress

There are many benefits to creating a membership website. You can monetize content efficiently without promoting affiliate products and CPS ads. New products can be developed and marketed to regular customers, a loyal audience can be developed around your business and get recurring income from them, and so on. 

If you haven’t switched to the membership platform, it’s still not too late. Create a gateway community of premium members and give them exclusive offers and benefits. It will give more energy to your efforts and grow your business. 

But you should use the right tool to build a membership website. Otherwise, there will be a lot of difficulties in managing members and services. Even though, you may not get expected results. 

Do you know which is the best membership plugin for WordPress? 

No doubt. It is MemberPress. In this post, you are going to see its key features and the recent payment integrations with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

What is MemberPress?

MemberPress Plugin

MemberPress is the #1 WordPress membership plugin. It is secure and comes with many incredible features to launch a money-making website in simple steps. 

Create powerful access rules to restrict users from visiting your posts, pages, categories, and others. If you want to build and sell online courses, it is also possible with MemberPress. 

It lets you publish content drip by drip and expire them automatically after certain days. So you can release course materials lesson by lesson to ensure a regular income stream for your business. 

MemberPress is a great tool to create premium support forms, social communities, and much more. It is integrated with various third-party services to accept payments, monitor visitors, and manage content. 

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Importance of Digital Wallets


As we all know, the covid pandemic has negatively affected all businesses. Several retail businesses have plunged into losses or closed. 

But there is another side to this. There has been a huge jump in eCommerce transactions in recent years as many large companies and professionals have switched to work-from-home systems.

By the end of 2020, there was a 44% increase in online transactions. According to various studies, by 2023, it will increase many times and the number of eCommerce shoppers will reach 278 million.

Today, most people use mobiles to browse the internet. Accordingly, many websites have switched to mobile-friendly designs. But, making payments from mobile phones is still a laborious process.

Credit or debit cards have around 15 digits. Typing all that on the small screen of a mobile phone is not easy. If something goes wrong, you will have to re-type those numbers one by one again.

The next step is to successfully complete the two-factor authentication. For that, you have to enter the security code sent to your mobile or email. Mobile users can’t do these things so quickly. 

On the other hand, making payments through digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay is relatively easy. They allow you to store card details in a secure vault and send payments in a few clicks. You can use them in the form of apps on Android and iOS platforms. At the same time, they will help you to make secure transactions from any device.

How to Integrate Apple Pay and Google Pay with MemberPress?


MemberPress has recently added integrations to Apple Pay and Google Pay through Stripe. So your members can pay their subscription fees and buy products from anywhere on the go.

Stripe is a secure payment solution for businesses. It protects all transactions through SSL/TLS protocols and stores your payment information in an encrypted format. That’s why big companies like Amazon and Walmart rely on stripe payments.

Follow these steps to add Stripe checkout to your MemberPress website,

1.  Sign in to WordPress and choose MemberPress from the left pane of your screen.

2. Open Settings, head to the Payments section. Add a new payment gateway and click on the blue color Connect with Stripe button.

3. Enter your MemberPress credentials to authenticate,

4. A new box will open to connect Stripe. Select your account and click on Connect once again.

5. Then, it will automatically redirect you to the MemberPress dashboard.

6. Visit MemberPress > Settings and find Stripe gateway. Check Enable Stripe checkout option.

7. Save changes.

Thereafter, users will see a Stripe checkout option on your payment pages. Choosing Apple Pay or Google Pay will redirect them to the Stripe gateway.

Google Pay Checkout
Apple Pay Checkout

The screen will appear with their pre-filled payment details. Members can confirm and hit the Pay button to settle the bill.

That’s it.

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