How to Automate Your Tasks with Zapier and WPForms

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How to Automate Your Tasks with Zapier and WPForms

Managing an online business is not as easy as many people think. There are many things you should do on your own including sales, marketing, team management, etc. Interruption to them in any way will affect the related activities as well.

But is it practical to create and manage all tasks manually?

Not at all. Web management is a complex process. Automating some of the tasks involved will help you increase your productivity and save time. As a result, you can focus more on the business and increase revenue.

There are several online tools that can help with automation. They work like a chain, working one task after another to complete the task and help you reach the goal. Zapier is most popular among them.

In this article, I will tell you how to install the WPForms Zapier add-on and automate tasks using it.

What is WPForms?


WPForms is a powerful drag and drop form builder plugin for WordPress. It is easy to use, secure, and spam-free. It is best for businesses, professionals, and eCommerce shops to build any kind of form they need.

The plugin is beginner-friendly so anyone can create and manage forms with basic computer knowledge. There are over 100 pre-designed form templates available that suit different purposes like user registration, lead generation, testimonial, product orders, and much more. If you want to design forms from scratch, it is also possible with WPForms.

WPForms automatically prevents spam comments through built-in captcha protection. It is integrated with several third-party services to collect data and strengthen your sales and marketing campaigns. It supports PayPal, Skrill, and to accept payments and ship orders.

Pricing: Starts at $79/year

Key features

  • Responsive
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Spam protection
  • Unlimited forms
  • 100+ form templates
  • File uploads
  • Multi-page forms
  • Conditional logic
  • Payment forms
  • User registration
  • Conversational forms
  • Front-end post submissions
  • Offline forms
  • Signatures
  • Surveys and polls
  • Form abandonment
  • Premium customer support
  • 14-days money-back guarantee

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WPForms + Zapier

Zapier is a great automation tool that can connect to more than 3000 web applications like Google, HubSpot, Trello, and so on. It helps you connect to the apps you use regularly, automate repetitive tasks and thereby save your time. WPForms Zapier addon allows you to connect forms to various apps to nurture lead generation, billing, customer management, and others.

Follow these steps to install and use the Zapier addon for WPForms,

download WPForms

Step 1: Visit WPForms and choose a subscription plan for your site. The Zapier integration is available on Pro and Elite plans only. So you should choose any of those plans.

After making the purchase, switch to the Downloads tab to grab your license key. It is required to activate the plugin in the next step. Click the Download button to download WPForms.

Step 2: Sign in to WordPress and upload WPForms as a new plugin (WPForms > Plugins > Add New). Activate it using the license key you collected in the previous step. Then, go to ‘Add-ons’. Find and activate Zapier from the list.

Step 3: Open Settings (WPForms > Settings) and visit the ‘Integrations’ tab.


Open Zapier integration and you will see an API key there. Copy it.

Step 4: Head to Zapier and log in to your account. Click the ‘Make a Zap’ button from the left pane to create a new zap.


A new screen will appear like this,


Enter a name for your zap first. Then, search for ‘WPForms’ under the App Event. Choose WPForms from the suggestions. It will redirect you to a new page.


WPForms has only one trigger event, New Form Entry, and it is selected by default. Click Continue to connect to your WPForms account.

Click sign in. A window will appear where you need to paste the API key collected on the previous step. Enter your website address to connect.

Once the site is connected, Zapier will ask you to choose the exact WPForms account.


Select your website from the drop-down box and click Continue. You will get the Customize Form Entry option next. Choose a WPForms form to use for the zap.


Now Zapier will pick sample entries from the connected form to test your connection. Click on Test & Continue or Test & Review to ensure that everything is working fine. If you are satisfied, click ‘Done Editing’ to go to the last step.

Choose an app where you want to send the form entries. Zapier supports more than 3000 web applications to automate almost any task and smoothen the workflow in your organization. Follow step-by-step instructions to establish a successful connection between WPForms and the target app of your choice.

WPForms Zapier add-on is perfect to handle the following tasks,

  • Send uploaded files to cloud storage services
  • Send user data to CRM  or email marketing services
  • Send details to todo list apps or team management tools
  • Send details to popular accounting applications
  • Send text messages
  • Much more

It is an indispensable tool for businesses as Zapier helps them to store data securely and manage customers efficiently. WPForms Zapier Integration will help you increase your work productivity and take your efforts to the next level with time savings.

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