How to Create an Affiliate Program for Your Website

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Do you want to get more orders for products and services to boost your revenue? If so, you should recruit affiliate marketers to promote your business. 

Affiliate marketing is a powerful method to attract new customers through niche influencers. It helps you to generate more sales with minimal efforts. You just need to focus on the product development. Run periodical campaigns to to offer attractive discounts and boost sales. Your marketing agents will do the rest. 

They will create SEO-friendly content to promote your products and market them in various ways. All you have to do is pay a commission at a fixed rate to evaluate their efforts.

Today, we’ll tell you how to create an affiliate program for your online business. 

What is EasyAffiliate?


EasyAffiliate is a great affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress. It helps you to design and run your own affiliate programs in a few simple steps. 

Add new affiliates, monitor their performance, send email newsletters and pay them in one-click. It is secure and easy to configure. Each affiliate will get access to their unique dashboard to collect banners, analyze campaign growth, and manage payment settings. 

EasyAffiliate is integrated with MemberPress, WooCommerce, PayPal, and many other third-party services to extend possibilities. It doesn’t charge any transaction fees for your affiliate payments. It gives you full control over the program and lets you set multiple commission levels to boost engagements. 

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Creating an Affiliate Marketing Program with EasyAffiliate

No need to spend much time on social sites to promote your products. Monitor your competitor’s strategies and implement best of them to develop new products, increase your search engine rankings, and dominate the market. 

According to the latest statistics, over 81% of brands utilize affiliate marketing to grow their business. They do this to make high profits along with operational freedom. It is no coincidence that the number of successful affiliate marketers has increased by more than 52% in recent years. 

Follow these steps to start a unique affiliate program for your WordPress website,

1. Click this link to activate a limited period deal on EasyAffiliate to enjoy 50% discount on your subscription. After making payment, it will automatically redirect you to the dashboard to download plugin files. 

2. Sign in to your WordPress site and upload EasyAffiliate as a new plugin. Upon activation, it will create a new menu (EasyAffiliate) on the left pane. Expand it and visit settings. 

3. Run the step-by-step wizard to set up EasyAffiliate for your business. Enter your business information and customize affiliate registration forms, commission levels, and guidelines. Activate eCommerce plugins and connect to third-party services to send payments, email newsletters, etc. 


Next, upload creative assets including texts and banners that affiliates can use to market your products and services.

EasyAffiliates is highly customizable and allows you to customize text colors, upload your own logo, and create a custom welcome message for affiliates. You will be able to create any number of custom levels with variations in percentages, mode of sales (first sales or all sales refered by the agents), cookie days, etc. 

If you want to offer 2-tier commission programs for certain users, it is also possible with the plugin. It lets you override regular commission rates with custom rates for certain users.


There are multiple add-ons available to create custom commission structures, commission levels, and more. Affiliates can also generate custom tracking tools to promote specific products with custom link texts and notes. It helps them to analyze the growth of marketing campaigns using custom tracking links. 

EasyAffiliate is an incredible tool for businesses to run self-hosted affiliate marketing programs and earn more sales. It comes with all the features of the top-affiliate programs you usually see like multiple commission structures, performance reports, creative banners, custom link generator, and so on. These tools help you to design a professional-quality affiliate program for your business. 

Click here to visit EasyAffiliate and choose a subscription plan with up to 50% discount (Limited period offer)

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