How to Create Online Courses in WordPress (Easy Method)

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Creating online courses is the best option to monetize your knowledge and earn a regular income from your website. Upload your course materials, guide learners how to utlilize them and turn on subscription payments to collect your fees.

Do you know what is the main advantage of online courses?

Students can attend them at any time and from anywhere in the world. After regular class hours or after a busy work schedule or during holidays, etc. They will help you to boost knowledge and get better jobs.

Needless to say, you will benefit greatly from learning things directly from the expert people in each field. But it often does not happen because of the practical difficulty of getting to each place directly. Online courses are useful to remove those barriers.

Preparing and selling online courses is a fastest growing field. Its importance has increased again due to Covid crisis. Regular class sessions are not held in many places now. Everyone has switched to webinars, online classes, and other virtual technologies to connect and learn things.

If you have not started yet, this is the best time to launch your online course and get paid. Today, we’ll tell you how to create online courses easily on WordPress.

Why MemberPress?

MemberPress Plugin

MemberPress is an all-in-one and #1 membership plugin for WordPress. It is easy to use and customizable. It lets you lock precious content and deliver them based on the various membership levels.

Add unlimited members to your platform, offer exclusive access to your premium articles or product market, and give discounts to bring them closer. MemberPress is integrated with all leading payment and marketing solutions to make your business profitable and growing.

MemberPress is also a perfect tool to create and manage your online courses from one place. It has a unique classroom mode to develop a world-class learning experience in simple steps. A progress bard is there to track learning progress from both admin and user sides.

Automatically create a beautiful front-end to showcase your courses without writing even a single piece of code. MemberPress will do everything for you. It will also help you to release courses at a scheduled time and set an expiry date for them. It is possible to display or hide content through MemberPress’s unlimited access rules.

Creating online courses normally require a separate WordPress LMS plugin to install. But it is not needed with MemberPress. It will add WordPress LMS features to your website automatically.

Creating Online Courses with MemberPress (Step-by-Step)

Follow these steps to create an online course in WordPress.

1. Install and activate MemberPress

After purchasing, head to downloads in your MemberPress account to download the plugin. Upload it to WordPress as a new plugin. Once it activated, you will see a MemberPress menu on the left sidebar.

MemberPress Courses

Visit Add-ons to find and activate MemberPress Courses add-on. Then, click on Courses to create your first online course.

On the next screen, click on Add New to create a new course page. Enter a title and description for your course. The description will appear in the front-end to give visitors a brief idea of your course.

2. Add course curriculum

Add your course lessons as next.

MemberPress online courses

Visit the Curriculum tab first. Click on Add Section to organize your lessons into different sections like this,

Online courses MemberPress

Expand a section to add a lesson under it. All your created lessons will appear on the right-side of your page as a list along with view, edit, and delete options.

Click on the small pencil icon to edit a lesson. When finished, click on the ‘back to lesson’ button on the top to save changes and go back to the previous screen.

3. Manage settings

Switch to the Settings tab to configure course settings. You will see ‘Include in Course Listing’ option on the top. Turn it on to add the course to your listing page on the front-end.

Next, you will see an option to enter your sales page URL. Paste your membership registration URL in the field.

4. Add a featured image, categories and tags

It’s the time to set a featured image for your course. Click on Course Page tab on the top and then, expand the featured image section on the right sidebar. Upload an image.

Online courses

On the top, you can see buttons for categories and tags. Click on them to create new categories or apply existing categories to your course.

5. Assign Membership rules

MemberPress allows you to assign membership rules by courses, categories, and globally to prevent unauthorized access.

Go to MemberPress > Rules > Add new page to create new access rules.

MemberPress rules

If you want to create a custom rule for the course, choose ‘A Single Course’ from the drop-down list. For all courses, select ‘All Courses’ or to protect courses category-wise, select ‘Courses with Course Categories’ on the same box.

In this example, we create rules for a single post. So you should search for and choose a course name in the next box.

Set access conditions that you want to apply on the selected course. Only selected membership levels can access it. Other members and guests need to upgrade their membership to join the course.

6. Final step

Don’t forget to enable classroom mode for your course. It lets you display courses in beautiful layouts with an easy to navigate interface to deliver a unique learning experience for your students.

The setting is available here, MemberPress> Settings> Courses> Classroom mode. Drag the toggle button to the right to turn it on.

Your course listing page ( will display all your courses. They will appear like this,

Online course

After logged in, members will see a My Courses menu on the top. It will showcase various courses that they have access to. To start or resume learning, they should click on a course. It will open the course where they can see the course overview, lessons, learning progress and others.

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100% Satisfaction-Guarantee

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How to Create Online Courses in WordPress

MemberPress is an all-in-one and #1 membership plugin for WordPress. It is easy to use and customizable. It is also a perfect tool to create and manage your online courses from one place.

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