How to Create Payment Forms with

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How to Create Payment Forms with

Do you want to accept payments in WordPress using Let us check how we can do it.

Accepting online payments for products and services is common these days. Many businesses and eCommerce stores collect money from customers through PayPal, Stripe,, and other payment services. Because the data is encrypted automatically, no one can see the information your users enter. So your customers will be able to shop on your website in a free mind.

Today, we’re going to create WordPress payment forms with

What is WPForms?


WPForms is our favorite form builder plugin for WordPress. It is highly customizable and lets you build responsive forms easily with drag and drop abilities.

More than 100 pre-designed form templates are available to publish any kind of form in minutes. Choose a template and customize it as you need. Alternatively, you can open a blank form template and add required fields to build forms from scratch.

WPForms is a great tool for businesses, online shops, and blogs to collect leads and grow sales. It is integrated with leading third-party tools to build email lists, process payments, and much more.

They offer fast customer support and 14-days money-back guarantee in all subscription plans.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop builder
  • 100+ form templates
  • Contact forms
  • Newsletter forms
  • Billing forms
  • Registartion forms
  • Survey forms
  • Responsive
  • Spam protection
  • File uploads
  • Conditional logic
  • Multi-page forms
  • Custom Captcha
  • Offline forms
  • Much more

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What is

Authorize-net is a popular payment gateway since 1996. It allows you to create free invoices and accept payments using credit cards, PayPal, e-wallets, echecks, etc. Powered by Visa Inc, you can use it on websites and physical stores to pay bills.

It is secure and easy to configure. works best for all business types to process one-time as well as recurring payments. They have a 24/7 customer support to address your queries and complaints as early as possible.

How to Integrate in WordPress? will be a great partner in your efforts to give customers advanced payment solutions. Let us check how to connect to WPForms to collect payments in exchange for your products and services,

Starting from $79 per month, WPForms has four subscription plans. But only Elite plan users will get the add-on. So you should choose this plan in order to utilize their service and integrate it in WordPress.

Once the payment is processed, download plugin files from your account. Upload it to WordPress and activate your license. Then, follow these steps to integrate in your payment forms.

1. Head to WPForms from the left pane of your WordPress dashboard. Visit Add-ons to activate

2. Open Settings > Payments. Locate section and fill out your details like API and transaction keys to connect WPForms to the payment gateway.


Sign into your account to collect API keys.

3. After logging in, change your account mode to live. By default, it is in the test mode. Drag the toggle button to the right to make it live.

Open your account settings from the left sidebar.


From the settings page, search for API Credentials and Keys. Click the link to collect your API login ID. Paste it in WPForms settings.

Go back to account and locate Create New Key(s) section. Select New transaction key option and submit.


A popup box will appear to confirm your identity. Click the Request PIN button and it will be sent to your registered email address. Enter it in the box and tap Verify PIN to confirm.

Now will show your transaction ID. Copy and paste it in WPForms settings to connect.

4. Click Add New to create a new form.

wpforms_ add new

Choose a form template from the main screen. Enter a keyword in the search box to quickly locate a form type. Alternatively, choose a blank form template to design your own form. Up on click the selected form will load.

5. It will look like this,

Customize fields and add or remove fields as per your requirements. Drag and field from the left sidebar to the form area to add. Mouse over a form field and tap the bin icon to delete. Click a field to view its customization options on the left side.

6. When finished, visit Payments tab.


Check ‘Enable payments’ option first. Manage other options such as payment receipt, customer name as well.

Scroll-down to enable recurring payment options. Pick your plan and recurring period to automatically collect payments at regular intervals. Once again, configure customer email and name options.​

Save changes.

That’s it.

Publish your form as usual to collect payments through Open your form in a new tab and make sure that it works as expected.

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