How to Create Surveys and Polls in WordPress (In 4 Simple Steps)

How to Create Surveys and Polls in WordPress

There are many ways to increase your website traffic and user engagement. Creating surveys and polls is one among them.

Many businesses conduct online surveys or create questionnaires to collect user opinions on various topics. The data thus collected can be used to improve existing products and get new development ideas. In short, surveys and polls can strengthen your relationship with the customers and help you grow your business.

Today, we’ll tell you how to easily create surveys, polls, and questionnaires in WordPress.

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Why Formidable Forms?

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a great drag and drop form builder plugin for WordPress. It is fast, easy to use, and mobile-friendly. Hence you can create professional-quality forms without any developing knowledge and collect data from any device your audience use.

From simple contact forms to advanced CRM forms, Formidable Forms is suitable for all your needs. It is packed with more than 100 pre-designed templates that you can use for various purposes. Edit and customize them to publish your form in a few moments. It is also possible for you to design a unique form with a blank form template and ready-to-use fields.

Create an online calculator form, split your forms into multiple pages, add conditional logic, and integrate with third-party tools via add-ons to improve functionalities. Formidable Forms is a perfect tool for businesses, agencies, non-profits, and others to find new clients and boost income.

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Key Features of Formidable Forms

These are the main features of Formidable Forms,

  • Responsive
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • 100+ form templates
  • WordPress front-end editor
  • User-submitted posts & pages
  • Calculator forms
  • Multi-page forms
  • File uploads
  • Surveys and polls
  • Form analytics
  • Ecommerce pricing fields
  • Automatic emails
  • Styling controls
  • Form scheduling
  • Limit responses
  • WordPress Math forms
  • Spam protection
  • User registration
  • Quiz forms
  • Premium customer support
  • 14-days money-back guarantee

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Creating Surveys and Polls in WordPress (In 4 Simple Steps)

Let us check how to create surveys and polls in WordPress with Formidable forms.

Step 1: Install Formidable Forms

Buy and install Formidable Forms on your website first. It is a powerful tool to collect user inquiries, their email addresses, accept product orders, process payments, and much more. Whether you are running a normal website or an eCommerce portal, Formidable Forms is an essential plugin to design beautiful forms and boost your business.

Step 2: Create and publish your survey or poll

After activation, head to Formidable menu from the left pane of your WordPress dashboard and visit Forms sub-menu. Click the Add New button to create a form.

survey forms Formidable forms

Enter a keyword in the search box to locate a template quickly. For instance, type ‘survey’ or ‘poll’ to find templates in the category.

If you want to build custom surveys and polls form, choose the blank form template. A popup box will open where you can give a name for the form.

Formidable Forms comes with all survey fields like star ratings, scale, radio buttons, multiple-choice questions, checkboxes, and more. It also allows you to create smart surveys with conditional logic and raise questions based on user responses. There are no limits on how many surveys or polls or questions you can create with the plugin. So you can create any number of surveys and add unlimited collaborators to them.

Formidable Forms blank form

Drag required fields from the left sidebar to the main area to add.

Surveys Formidable Forms

Go to Field options to change label text, add more options, and manage settings. The form will have a submit button on the bottom by default. To change the button text to something else like ‘Vote’, visit the Settings tab from the top.

Vote button Formidable forms

Go to the Styling & buttons section from the left pane and find the Submit button text option. Change its text and update it to save.

Step 3: Display Survey/Polls results in real-time

Do you want to display survey or poll results to the participants immediately after casting their vote?

If so, you should insert a graph shortcode in the message box. Let us check how it works.

This is the default code to create a graph with multiple fields, X, Y, and Z.

[frm-graph fields=”x,y,z”]

There are different types of graphs like column, pie, line, histogram, etc. You should specify a graph type, next to the basic shortcode. For a line graph, the code will look like this,

[frm-graph fields=”x,y,z” type=”line”]

To display polls results, you should visit form and collect field ID first.

Formidable forms polls

It is ‘134’ in our example. Go back to the settings > General and scroll down to locate the message section.

Enter the following shortcode to show results in the form of a pie graph,

[frm-graph fields=”134″ type=”pie”]

Click the Update button to save changes.

Step 4: Publish your Surveys and Polls form

In three ways, you can publish a Formidable Forms form.

  1. WordPress visual editor (Posts/Pages > Add new > ‘+’ icon and choose Formidable Forms from the list)
  2. Shortcode (Formidable > Forms > Form’s name > Shortcode)
  3. Widgets (Appearance > Widgets > Formidable Forms)

Publish your Surveys and Polls form using any of these methods to collect data. That’s it.

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