How to Display a Popular Posts List in WordPress (2021 Edition)

How to Display a Popular Posts List in WordPress

Displaying popular post widgets is an excellent idea to boost your internal traffic. It helps visitors to find out trending posts on your site easily. If they move from one post to another, it will also bring positive changes to both your income and bounce rate. So it is essential to highlight your popular posts and divert users to them.

Luckily, WordPress is a great platform to get any kind of plugin you need. But showcasing popular posts is a different thing. We can’t simply say that one post is popular than others, without any tracking information.

Google Analytics is our favorite tool to analyze audience behavior and content popularity. It will be better if you can detect the best blog posts using Analytics and display them in posts and sidebars. 

What is MonsterInsights?


MonsterInsights is the #1 Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. No complex settings to configure, it is super easy to use. Install and follow step by step wizard to connect your site to Google Analytics. That’s it. The plugin will start tracking your audience from the very next moment. 

From regular page tracking to eCommerce tracking, MonsterInsights provides real-time statistics to track user activities in detail. It is perfect to identify your major traffic locations, referral channels, and device types from which you get more page visits. It will also list popular posts on your site along with the number of page views so you will know what kind of posts work best for you.

MonsterInsights is a great tool for all businesses to track affiliate links, banner clicks, WooCommerce products, digital downloads, etc. It offers fast customer support and 14-days money-back guarantee in all subscription plans. 

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Creating a Popular Posts Widget in WordPress

Whether you are running an eCommerce store or blog, take efforts to divert visitors to other internal pages and boost their user experience.

MonsterInsights allows you to showcase popular posts in three ways,

  • Inline popular posts- Display trending posts within the content
  • Popular posts widget- Display top 10 articles anywhere in WordPress, in sidebar or content area
  • Popular products- Display top-selling products on your eCommerce store

Popular posts wordpress

It fetches data from Google Analytics and displays your most popular posts and products in responsive layouts to boost user engagements.Popular products widget

Follow these steps to add a popular posts widget on your site,

1. Install and activate MonsterInsights in WordPress. After activation, it will add a new top-level menu on the left sidebar with the name Insights. Expand the menu and visit Addons. MonsterInsights addonsInstall the Dimensions addon. 

2. Head to Popular Posts to choose your theme and manage settings. MonsterInsights popular posts

There are 14 popular post themes to choose from. They are clean and responsive to all device types. On selection, it will show a preview on the bottom. So you can know how it will appear on the front-end.

Scroll down to change colors for the title, label, and background. Popular posts wordpress pluginDecide how to sort your posts- by the number of comments, shared counts, or manually. MonsterInsights can automatically place the Inline Popular Posts widget inside the post body. For that, select ‘Automatic’ under the Placement option. Popular posts

Set where the widget should be placed (after xxx words). Turn on the Multiple Entries option, if you want to show inline popular posts multiple times within the same content. By default, subsequent widgets appear after 250 words. But you can change this distance through settings. It is also possible to exclude certain posts from placing on the widget. 

Head to other tabs to manage your popular posts sidebar widget and popular products widget. Finally, don’t forget to save changes. 

In four ways, you can insert a popular posts widget in WordPress. Automatically, using a shortcode, a Gutenberg block, or a sidebar widget. Choose a display method and place the list to lets visitors find out trending posts on your site easily. 

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