How to Set Up Form Conversion Tracking in WordPress

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A business website requires a variety of forms to gather visitor information and inquiries. Needless to say, they can help you find new customers and thereby increase revenue. 

Visitors can reach your forms through social media, email newsletters, marketing campaigns, etc. Finding out the exact source will help you customize marketing strategies and thereby, introduce more people to your forms.

In this article, we'll tell you how to enable form conversion tracking in WordPress using Google Analytics. 

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Setting Up Form Conversions Tracking in MonsterInsights

Follow these steps to activate form conversions tracking using the MonsterInsights plugin. 

1. Install and activate MonsterInsights on your site first. Upon activation, it will create a new top-level menu (Insights) on the left sidebar.

Expand it and move to Settings. Enter your licence key to enable automatic plugin updates.  


Sign into MonsterInsights dashboard, copy your license key, and paste it into the plugin settings to connect. 

Don't forget to connect to your Google Analytics account to collect user data and get traffic reports. 

2. Head to Insights > Addons to find the forms tracking addon. 

Monster Insights form tracking

Install the Forms addon. Go to Settings and click the Conversions tab from the top. MonsterInsights automatically scans your site to detect installed form plugins and display them in the drop-down menu. Make sure that your plugin is selected there as default. 

Then, you should visit Google Analytics to configure settings to track your form sources. 

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Setting Up Form Source Tracking in Google Analytics

Follow these steps to enable form sources tracking in Google Analytics. 

1. Sign in to Google Analytics account and choose your property from the top. Scroll-down to locate Behavior menu on the left.

Expand it and move to Events > Top events. It will list all events on your site such as forms, outbound link clicks, scroll, etc. 

event tracking google analytics

Choose Form from the main screen. 

2. On the next page, you will see event action types along with the top impressions and conversions you received on the form. Click on Conversion to track referral sources. 

3. Now Google Analytics will show all forms on your site. Choose a form to track its source.

form tracking analytics

Next, you should apply a secondary dimension to it. Click on the drop-down box and type Source in the search box. Choose the Source/Medium dimension (under Acquisition) from the list. 

form source tracking

Once it selected, you can see the main traffic sources for the selected form. It covers direct traffic, search engines, and other sites that divert traffic to your form.

If you want to see only referral sources,  turn on advanced filter and search for the Source/Medium dimension that contains the keyword, Referrals. 

form sources tracking Analytics

Now, you will see the main websites that bring more traffic to your form. These statistics help you find top referral channels and thereby make necessary changes in the promotional strategies to invite more user clicks. 

Form Conversions Tracking Report in MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights allows you to monitor conversion statistics through the dashboard widget. Go to Insights > Reports and then, choose Forms from the top. It will show you the report like this, 

forums conversions report

On this screen, you can view tracking information for all forms. It includes total impressions, conversions, and conversion rate for each forms. 

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