HostGator 2022 Review: Is It Worth Paying For?

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HostGator 2022 Review Is It Worth Paying For

Are you going to start a new website or planning to change the current host? If so, you’ve reached the right page.

A hosting provider is the backbone of any online business. A good host can make your hard work fruitful and help you conquer heights. But at the same time, if you choose the wrong hosting company, you will only lose time and money. So you should be very vigilant while choosing a web host.

These are the essential characteristics we should consider while choosing a hosting service,

  • Features
  • Cost
  • Security and performance
  • Real user reviews
  • Customer support
  • Money-back guarantee

A web host is mainly responsible for the performance and security of any site. If it can deliver pages faster with high uptime and provide enough security against possible cyber attacks, then, we can say that the host is good. No one will leave such a good hosting company.

Do a Google search to find fast and reliable hosting services. You will get thousands of suggestions. From them, it is not easy to pick the right one that suits your needs and budget.

There are numerous hosting companies available today in the premium, budget-friendly and cheap investment categories. The services they provide will vary depending on the money you invest.

Big businesses are willing to spend a lot of money to get the best service, and if necessary buy the server for their own use. But the case is different for small scale businesses and bloggers. They will try to get the maximum features at the lowest cost.

Is it possible?

Why HostGator?


HostGator is a popular name in budget-friendly hosting. Founded in 2002, it is one of the oldest hosting companies with affordable pricing, powerful infrastructure, and outstanding customer support.

I started blogging about 10 years back on HostGator and still hosts two websites there. I didn’t face any major issues on HostGator except some minor outages.

It is fast, reliable and the right place to start your blogging career or launch a business site. Their hosting plans are cheap and start at just $2.75 per month with unlimited SSD storage, free domain, free SSL, and many other benefits. They also have a 24/7 customer support to handle your queries and complaints in a few minutes.

HostGator provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee to all customers. Our analysis over the past year shows that they have not backed down from their promise. You will learn more about it in the remaining sections.

They serve customers for over 19 years in shared, WordPress, VPS, cloud, and dedicated hosting types. If you are going to start a business website, blog, or eCommerce shop, they have suitable plans for your needs.

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Key Features

The main features of HostGator hosting plans are,

  • Free domain
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free email accounts
  • Free website builder
  • Free domain transfer
  • Free website transfer
  • Instant and automatic backups
  • Automatic malware removals*
  • Advanced security
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 45 days money-back guarantee

HostGator Pricing

HostGator is well-known for the cheapest hosting plans and quality service. Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting type, starts at $2.75 per month. Dedicated hosting is the most expensive hosting type, starts at $89.98 per month.

Shared Hosting Plans

  • Hatchling: Starting at $2.75/mo
  • Baby: Starting at $3.50/ mo
  • Business: Starting $5.25/mo

These plans have almost similar features and the main difference is in the number of domains you can host on the basic plan. Hatchling plan customers can host a single domain in the plan but others can host any number of domains.

HostGator vs Competitors

Starting price (mo)$2.75$3.95$2.19
No. of domains111
StorageUnlimited50 GB100 GB
Free SSLYesYesNo
Free domainYesYesYes
Money-back guarante45 days30 days30 days
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Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Starter: Starting at $5.95/mo
  • Standard: Starting at $7.95/mo
  • Business: Starting at $9.95/mo

In the Starter plan, you can host a single website with 100k monthly visits and 1GB backup.  The Standard plan lets you host 2 websites with 200k monthly visits and 2 GB backup. Go for the Business plan to host 3 websites 500k monthly visits and 3 GB backup. Automatic backup, automatic malware removal, and 2.5 more allocated resources are common benefits of HostGator managed WordPress hosting plans.

HostGator vs Competitors

FeaturesHostGatorWP EngineWPX Hosting
Starting price (mo)$5.95$30$24.99
No. of domains111
StorageUnlimited10 GB10 GB
BandwidthUnlimited50 GB100 GB
Free SSLYesYesNo
Free domainYesNoNo
Money-back guarante45 days60 days30 days
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Cloud Hosting Plans

  • Hatchling: Starting at $4.95/mo
  • Baby: Starting at $6.57 /mo
  • Business: Starting $9.95/mo

The Hatchling plan comes with a single domain, 2 GB memory, and a 2 Core CPU. The Baby plan allows you to host unlimited domains with 4 GB memory and a 4 Core CPU. Business is the highest plan in the category which contains many features like 6 GB memory, 6 Core CPU, free dedicated IP, and free SEO tools.

Reseller Hosting Plans

  • Aluminum: Starting at $19.95/mo
  • Copper: Starting at $24.95/mo
  • Silver: Starting at $24.95/mo

The Aluminum plan contains 60 GB storage and 600 GB bandwidth for unlimited websites. The Copper plan has 90 GB storage and 900 GB bandwidth and the Silver plan features 140 GB storage and 1400 GB bandwidth respectively. Surprisingly, both of these plans bear the same price tag.

VPS Hosting Plans

  • Snappy 2000: Starting at $19.95/mo
  • Snappy 4000: Starting at $29.95/mo
  • Snappy 8000: Starting at $39.95/mo

The basic, Snappy 2000, plan offers 2 GB RAM and 120 GB storage to the customers. Snappy 4000 is the next higher plan in the category where you will get 4 GB RAM and 165 GB storage. Snappy 8000 is the highest option to get 8GB RAM and 240 GB storage. There are unlimited bandwidth in all these plans.

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

  • Value Server: Starting at $89.98/mo
  • Power Server: Starting at $119.89/mo
  • Enterprise Server: Starting $139.99/mo

HostGator has two hosting types in dedicated server hosting- Linux and Windows. With the Value Sever plan, 4 Core or 8 Thread CPU, 8 GB RAM, and 1 TB hard disk space. You will get 8 Core or 16 Thread CPU in Power and Enterprise plans. They have a RAM of 16 GB and 30 GB respectively. You will get 2 TB HDD or 512 GB SSD at Power plan and 1 TB SSD at Enterprise tier.

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Advantages of HostGator Hosting

Let us check the main advantages of HostGator,

1. Cheap

HostGator has cheap pricing. Their basic shared hosting plan starts at just $2.75 per month for single website. It contains free domain, free SSL, free website transfer and other features you need to launch and manage a converting website. Their rate is much lower than other hosts in the category.

If you would like to start more websites, it will cost just $0.75 extra. The Baby plan has a monthly price tag of $3.50 for unlimited websites. Bluehost charges $5.95 and GoDaddy $5.45 per month to host unlimited sites. HostGator plans are super affordable and come with all essential hosting features.

2. Free domain

HostGator provides a free domain in shared and WordPress hosting plans. Thus it helps you to save a good amount in domain registration.


Choose your pereferred domain during sign up and you are ready to go. You can’t do it at a later moment so it is essential to pick the free domain in the initial stage itself. It supports all popular domain extensions. The free domain offer is valid on annual hosting plans.

3. Performance

HostGator is fast and reliable. It ensures a smooth page loading experience through performance-oriented servers and settings.

Have a look at this GTMetrix page speed report,


This is one of our websites hosted on HostGator. It has a decent speed with a free WordPress theme. We are not using any premium speed optimization plugins like WP Rocket or Imagify there.

You can further improve the performance using a CDN subscription or installing a WordPress booster plugin. If you are looking for different ways to increase your website speed, don’t forget to read this post.

4. High Uptime

Uptime indicates how long your hosting server has been running over a period of time. For instance, 30 days. It is calculated as a percentage. HostGator has an impressive uptime rate- 99.97%.


Here’s its uptime statistics for the last 6 months,

  • February 2022: 100%
  • January 2022: 99.99%
  • December 2021: 99.97%
  • November 2021: 99.94%
  • October 2021: 99.98%

The high uptime means your business is accessible almost everytime. It helps you to serve content without interruption and generate more revenue.

5. Unlimited storage

HostGator has unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth in shared hosting plans. Many hosting companies place limits in terms of traffic or number of page visits. But no such restrictions here.

The Baby and Business plan users can start unlimited websites with any number of subdomains and add-on domains. Subdomains simplify navigations on your site and apply a professional touch to various sections. For instance, you can create a subdomain like to sell products or to list coupons. It is useful to boost both your search engine visits and direct page visits.

6. Easy to use

HostGator control panel

Ease of use is another advantage of HostGator. They have a clean and easy to navigate control panel to manage various hosting-related products.

Sign in to your account to add new or manage existing services like domains, website templates, backups, email records, and others. Anyone can handle it with a basic internet knowledge.

7. Customer Support

HostGator’s customer support is available 24/7 through phone and live chat to address your queries and complaints. You can also contact them via official social media pages like Facebook and Twitter.

8. Money-back guarantee

HostGator provides a 45 days money-back guarantee to new customers. If you are facing any hosting-related issues, contact their instant customer support. They will fix your complaint in no time. If not, you can ask for a refund. You will get the full amount back after deducting domain registration charges. No questions will be asked.

Disadvantages of HostGator Hosting

No product is free from flaws. This fact is applicable to HostGator too. Let us check its main disadvantages,

1. Hidden Pricing

HostGator has cheapest pricing tags. Their shared hosting plans start at just $2.75 per month. But here’s one thing that no one notices so quickly. The lowest rate is available for 3-year terms only.

Suppose, you are choosing the Hatchling plan for one month. It costs not $2.75 but $10.95/mo. It is many times higher than previously announced. The same cost will be $3.95 and $3.45 per month for 1 and 2 year terms respectively.

In fact, not only HostGator but most hosting companies use such hidden pricing methods to attract more customers. So when choosing a hosting plan, make sure that it is for the longest period like 3 years. It will help you to enjoy the lowest tariff and get hosting for whole 3 years.

2. High Renewal Rates

The pricing tactics mentioned above can be seen during hosting renewal also. HostGator’s introductory low tariff is applicable for initial term only. Once it expired, you should pay higher rates.

For Hatchling plan in shared hosting, you need to pay $8.95 per month to renew hosting for another 1 year. It will be $7.95 and $6.95 each month for 2 and 3 year hosting terms respectively.

As mentioned earlier, it is better to go with a longest duration plan initially. Thus you can save a good amount in hosting and avail uninterrupted service for these years.

Which hosting plan is best for you?

In shared hosting, it’s better to start with the second-tier plan- Baby. It has a slight cost difference from the base plan but you can host unlimited domains there. So it is the best option to start with.

In managed WordPress hosting, plan selection depends on the number of websites you want to host on HostGator. It allows you to host a maximum of three websites and for that plan, you have to pay $9.95/mo. I have not tried their managed WordPress hosting yet so I can’t say how it works.

In cloud hosting also, opt for the second-tier plan to host unlimited domains on faster and flexible servers. The Baby plan has a less than $2 monthly price difference from the starter plan.

In reseller hosting, start with the basic Aluminum plan where you can host unlimited domains with 60 GB disk space and 600 GB bandwidth. It also contains unlimited sub-domains, unlimited email accounts, easy to use control panel, free reseller club account, and a free client management software to handle all your customers from one place.


HostGator is a reliable and budget-friendly hosting solution for businesses and blogs. Their shared hosting plans are comparatively cheaper than other hosting companies and packed with all essential features like free domain, free SSL, free migration, automatic weekly backups, unlimited storage, unlimited data transfer, and many others. So it is the right place for newbies to start a website or blog.

They have a friendly customer support and 45-days money-back guarantee. So there is no risk in trying HostGator hosting. If you are not satisfied, ask for a refund within 45 days of sign up. You will get the full amount back.

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