How to Set Up hCaptcha (reCaptcha Alternative) in WordPress


Do you want to set up captcha fields in WordPress? Captcha is a powerful tool prevent spam submissions on your forms. 

Before submitting a form, visitors will get a captcha challenge and they need to fulfill it successfully to send entries. It will often show one or more pictures and ask you to identify some items on them. Humans can do it quickly, but not so with cyber boats. Thus captcha fields help you to keep spammers away and make forms more productive. 

There are two ways to integrate captcha in WordPress. 

  1. Google recaptcha
  2. hCaptcha

We explained how to connect reCaptcha with WordPress forms in previous posts. If you have not seen it, don't forget to read this post

Today, we'll tell you how to integrate hCaptcha in WordPress with WPForms. 

What is hCaptcha?


hCaptcha is a free alternative to Google reCaptcha. It is easy to configure and highly effective in fighting against spam comments, malicious form submissions, etc. 

Comes with a number of built-in challenges, but you can create more challenges if needed. It is compatible with recent privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA and collect data safely. It also offers a premium version with more features such as time-based scheduling, custom challenges, and more. 

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What is WPForms?


WPForms is the #1 drag and drop form builder plugin for WordPress. It is fast, customizable, and SEO-friendly. Packed with over 100 responsive themes, it lets you collect entries from various form and device types. 

If you want to create a simple contact form or a money-making order form, WPForms fits all your needs. Open their pre-designed form template, make necessary changes, and publish. It takes maximum 5 minutes to publish a form with WPForms. It is also possible to design forms from scratch. Insert a blank form template and add from dozens of ready-to-use fields to create a form for your needs. 

The plugin is easy to use. No complex knowledge is required to build converting forms and monitor submissions. They provide a fast customer support to answer your queries and solve complaints as early as possible. 

Pricing: Starts at $79/yr

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How to Set Up hCaptcha in WPForms?

It is very easy to integrate and setup hCaptcha on WordPress forms. Let us check how it works. 

Follow these steps to connect WPforms with hCpatcha and stop bots from submitting forms, 

1. Install and activate WPForms on your WordPress website first. After activation, it will create a new top-level menu with the plugin name on the left pane. Expand it and go to settings. 

Visit CAPTCHA from the top. 

hcaptcha wordpress

Select hCaptcha from the main screen. Then, it shows settings on the bottom. You should enter Site Key and secret Key to integrate hCaptcha in WPForms. 

2. Go to hCaptcha website and create an account. Once it successfully created, you will see a dashboard like this. 

hCaptcha settings

Tap the 'New Site' button from the top-right side to add a new site and generate keys for it. 

3. On the next page, you will get a form to enter site details. 

hCaptcha wpforms

Under Hostnames, enter your domain address. Set a Captcha difficulty from easy to Always on based on your requirements. It is recommended to set up moderate difficulty level but you are free to change it anytime through settings. 

Scroll-down to add niche-based interests so visitors will get challenges accordingly. Select up to 3 interests to extend options. 

Save changes. 

4. Visit Sites tab to view all your sites that are integrated with hCaptcha. 


Click the Sitekey to copy it. Move to the Settings tab on top to collect your secret key as well. 

Go back to WPForms settings and enter keys collected one by one (under Captcha> hCaptcha). Save settings to view preview. 

5. Head to Add new to create a new form. 

wpforms_ add new

Choose a form template to open and customize. 


Under standard fields, you will see hCaptcha as the last option. Drag and drop it to the form area. A notification will appear that it is succesfully enabled on the form. 

Configure other options like notifications, marketing, and payment services as you need from the left sidebar.

Finally, click on save. 

6. Publish your form. WPForms allows you to publish forms in four ways- using a shortcode, embed code, Gutenberg widget or a sidebar widget. Choose a method and publish the form as usual to collect entries. 

The form will appear with a hCaptcha field. Thus it helps you to prevent bots from leaving entries and secure WordPress. 

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