MilesWeb Review 2023: Reliable & Budget-Friendly Shared Host

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Every website you access on the internet needs domain and hosting. Website owners do not get much confused before purchasing a domain, but they get confused with hosting.

There are hundreds of hosting companies in the industry, so the question which comes to mind is, from which hosting provider to buy the web hosting plan? Every hosting provider strives to offer the best web hosting services.

But, usually before buying any service or products, we do research and find the best one. The same goes with this. Before purchasing a web hosting service, doing extensive research can help you settle on the best web host. Also, it is essential to choose the right hosting option.  Different hosting services like shared, reseller, WordPress, VPS, cloud and dedicated hosting. When we initially want to launch a website, shared hosting works best and is an expensive hosting option.

I did a lot of research and got a recommendation for you, MilesWeb.

MilesWeb offers a superfast shared hosting service at the lowest prices. I will share a brief about their shared hosting service. So, let us begin!

What is MilesWeb? 

Here we start with the basics of MilesWeb, what is MilesWeb and, how did they flourish in the market.

MilesWeb is an Indian origin web hosting company launched in the year 2012. To help customers have a smooth online journey, MilesWeb offers website-building tools, free website transfers, and much more at no additional cost. 

This SSD host is lightning fast and budget friendly. They offer free SSLs, daily backups, free email accounts, WordPress optimized hosting servers, and much more. MilesWeb is best for businesses, agencies, and bloggers to build converting websites and make money.

They have a 24/7 fast customer support and 30-days money-back guarantee.

Where are MilesWeb’s Data Centers? 

Currently, MilesWeb has six (US, Canada, UK, India, Singapore, and Australia) data center locations. The data center you choose impacts the performance of your website. So, you need to pick a data center near your target audience. 


They have hosting plans in shared, WordPress, VPS, reseller, and dedicated server types.

Shared hosting plans

They have four plans in shared hosting/WordPress hosting types, Tyro, Geeky, Rapid, and Turbo. Based on the requirement of your website, you can select from three plans starting at Rs.60/mo. 

  • Tyro

For an introductory price of Rs.60/mo, you can host a website and store up to 1 GB on the server. This plan is fantastic if you are a beginner and need to host a small or personal website. 

  • Geeky

This plan costs Rs.95/mo and lets you host one website. With this plan, you get unlimited SSD disk space. 

  • Rapid

For hosting multiple small and medium websites, you can opt in for the Multi plan. It costs Rs.150/mo. With this plan, you get to host 5 websites. 

  • Turbo

To host unlimited websites with unlimited SSD storage, pick Turbo plan. It costs Rs 255/mo.

All essential resources that you need to get your website online are included with MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans.

WordPress Cloud hosting plans

MilesWeb has three plans in WordPress cloud hosting type, WP-Basic, WP-Plus, and WP-Pro.

  • WP-Basic

This plan allows you to host 1 WordPress website 20 GB SSD storage and 15,000 visits per month. It costs Rs 1800/mo.

  • WP-Plus

If you have multiple websites to host, pick WP-Plus plan. You can host 3 websites with 40 GB SSD storage and 50,000 monthly visits for Rs 2700/mo.

  • WP-Pro

This plan is suitable to host 5 WordPress websites. It comes with 60 GB SSD storage and 1,00,000 monthly visits. It is priced at Rs 3600/mo.

VPS hosting plans

They have 10 hosting plans in managed VPS hosting.

  • V1 (Rs 630/mo)

2 vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD storage, and 500 GB bandwidth.

  • V2 (Rs 1,050/mo)

12 vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD storage, and 500 GB bandwidth.

  • V3 (Rs 2,040/mo)

4 vCPU, 8 GB RAM, 150 GB SSD storage and 1000 GB bandwidth.

  • V4 (Rs 3,060/mo)

This plan costs Rs 3060/mo and offers 6 vCPU, 12 GB RAM, and 200 GB SSD storage.

  • V5 (Rs 4,080/mo)

16 GB RAM, 8 vCPU, 250 GB SSD storage and 2000 GB bandwidth.

  • V6 (Rs 6,060/mo)

24 GB RAM, 12 vCPU, 300 GB SSD storage and 2000 GB bandwidth.

  • V7 (Rs 8,160/mo)

32 GB RAM, 16 vCPU, 300 GB SSD storage, and 2500 GB bandwidth.

  • V8 (Rs 16,320/mo)

64 GB RAM, 24 vCPU, 400 GB SSD storage, and 2500 GB bandwidth.

  • V9 (Rs 24,480/mo)

96 GB RAM, 32 vCPU, 450 GB SSD storage, and 3000 GB bandwidth.

  • V10 (Rs 32,640/mo)

128 GB RAM, 40 vCPU, 500 GB SSD storage, and 3000 GB bandwidth.

You can host unlimited websites with full root access in all VPS hosting plans.

Reseller hosting plans

MilesWeb has four plans in the reseller hosting type, Micro, Startup, Grow, and Expand.

  • Micro (Rs 270/mo)

5 cPanel accounts and 10 GB SSD storage

  • Startup (Rs 704/mo)

10 cPanel accounts and 20 GB SSD storage

  • Grow (Rs 1320/mo)

20 cPanel accounts and 50 GB SSD storage

  • Expand (Rs 1936/mo)

30 cPanel accounts and 100 GB SSD storage

They allow you to host unlimited domains with unlimited bandwidth in all reseller hosting plans. It’s fully white labeled. So you can offer services under your brand name and logo.

30-days Money-Back Guarantee

MilesWeb has a 30-days money-back guarantee in all hosting types (except dedicated and cloud hosting types). Pick a hosting plan and host your websites for up to 30 days. If you are not satisfied with what you get, contact their customer support for refund. You’ll get the full amount after deducting domain registration charges.

Pros of MilesWeb Hosting

Is MilesWeb the right host for your website? Let us check main pros & cons of their shared hosting plans.

1. Free domain

Start your business with a perfect brand name. MilesWeb offers a free domain in selected hosting plans. It helps you find the right name for your website and save money in domain registration. With most domain extensions supported, your dream name is just a few mouse clicks away.

2. Free SSL

MilesWeb’s hosting plans are encrypted with an SSL certificate to keep your website information safe. It keeps it encrypted while it passes over the internet. SSL protects your website from hackers and helps in boosting SEO rankings. 

3. High performance

Their servers are built by SSD drives to make the performance of your website 200x faster than traditional HDD drives. Flash technology is used in SSD’s to make your website stand against security threats.

With WordPress optimized servers and advanced caching, it helps you to runs websites in maximum speed and attract more visitors. MilesWeb implements industrial best optimization practices to reduce your page loading time. So you don’t need to worry about how to increase GTMetrix score, how to improve Core Web Vitals, etc.

4. Enhanced security

MilesWeb is dedicated to protecting your website from hackers and malicious threats. They monitor security events in real-time and block dangerous threats in the root level.

Regular malware scan is another advantage. It is a paid feature with many web hosts. But MilesWeb provides it freely. If any suspicious threats found, they will fix it for you.

5. 24/7 customer support

The best thing about MilesWeb is its customer support. 

MilesWeb claims their support team is experts and, they are keen on making your site run smoothly. They have different support options like you can reach out to them through email, live chat. They also have a knowledge base that consists of thousands of tutorials and articles. 

6. Uptime Guarantee

Uptime is what matters the most when it comes to web hosting. Uptime determines the time your website is functional and accessible to users. 

If you pick MilesWeb’s web hosting services, you can rest assured that your website will always be open for visitors and will never go down in any case. With its web hosting plans, MilesWeb pledges a 99.95% uptime guarantee. 

7. Money-back guarantee

They have a 30-days money-back guarantee in all hosting plans, except dedicated and managed cloud hosting types. It’s just like a free hosting trial.

If you are not satisfied with their hosting service, contact customer support during the period and raise your refund request. They’ll either fix your complaint or issue a full refund. No obligations. So there is no risk in trying MilesWeb hosting.

Cons of MilesWeb Hosting

Every person and every company have flaws. MilesWeb is not different in this regard.

1. Hidden pricing

MilesWeb is cheap only. But you should go with their 3-year term to enjoy the cheapest rates. Their unlimited shared hosting plan costs ₹850, ₹425, and ₹255 for 1 month/1 year/3 years respectively.

All budget-friendly hosting providers like Bluehost and HostGator follow similar pricing practices to attract new customers and maintain them for a long period. It is also beneficial for customers as they get cheap rates for uninterrupted 3-years hosting. So we can’t say that it is a disadvantage.

Pick a hosting plan and go for a longer period. It helps you to save a good amount in hosting and avoid renewals for the next years.

Final thoughts

MilesWeb is an affordable and reliable web host. They have 4.8 out of 5 rating in Trustpilot from more than 4,100 reviews. More than 85% of customers rated their experience as excellent.

Their high-speed SSD servers and built-in optimization ensures a smooth, fast browsing experience on your pages. If you are going to launch an online shop or blog, MilesWeb is the best choice. It is secure and comes with the highest uptime guarantee. Thus, you can make sure that your site is always up and get clicks.

MilesWeb has a dedicated security wing to monitor websites and block, remove malicious threats. No need to pay for expensive, third-party security programs. Brute-force protection to two-factor authentication to malware removal- MilesWeb’s hosting packages cover all these things to safeguard your business and revenue.

It is best for businesses, startups, and blogs in all budget types.

What do you think?

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